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Yoni Activation Ritual: Ground into the sensual experience of being in your body

Hello Beautiful,   We are in an eclipse season year where sex and pleasure are the emblematic astrological signature. The energy of the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus, that occurred this past weekend, will be present during the duration of the lunar cycle.   With the Eclipse in Taurus, we are being asked to deeply activate our full sensory experience: scent, sight, touch, taste, and hearing all get to come out and play. Taurus is the energy of sensuality itself. Venus-rules Taurus invites you to ground into the sensual experience of being in your body.   The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. The key here is to embrace a gentle and kind demeanor in the bedroom....

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Venus in Wanderland -April 22/2022

Embody the Goddess: Venusian Guidance for Yoni Activation 4/22/22-5/4/22 The Goddess continues her journey through Pisces, as she expands into conscious activation through her mystical touch with Neptune on April 27th, activating deeper pleasure centers of our galactivations. Dreaming isn't only fun, it's beautiful and deeply sensuous. Subconscious fantasies of what could possibly be possible within your relationships  arouse.   A mere three days later on April 30th, the dream expands when she joins expansive Jupiter making those pleasure dreams a possible reality. When Jupiter comes out to play with Venus, it feel as though luck strikes our heart centers, opening us up to all things that feel good: food, sex, play, dance. Venus embodies her Quee with Jupiter. Her royal order...

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Venus in Wanderland -April 8/2022

Expect Miracles    Are you feeling it?   Have you surrendered?   In the last Venus in Wanderland blog post, I referenced the impending magic of Venus moving into Pisces. Now that she is fully in the mystical, magical, imaginative, dreamer, loving, and kind energy of Pisces, your relationships  have taken a mystical turn. Or perhaps, in the shadow of this energy, a delusional and ungrounded turn…   Venus loves being in Pisces. She's exalted here, excited and activated under the Piscean influence of awe and wonder. You get to relish in this magic.   You've been feeling it if you've been noticing how the veil between life and death, between earth and heaven, the physical and the ethereal, has...

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Venus in Wanderland - March 25/2022

    Multidimensional Pleasure We send off Venus through her journey in Aquarius this week as she readies to shift into new cosmic oceans of love with Pisces. As we say goodbye to the individualist, to embracing our inner freak, we say hello to our inner dreamy romantic...   However, before we get there, on March 28th Venus will be making a visit to a counterpart planet she is not necessarily super in love with: Saturn. This conjunction (aka fusion of planets) affords us one last opportunity to examine the frequency of the nature of our choices to ensure our karmic consequences match our desires.   Our relationships receive another hard look.   This marks a time period where we're...

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Venus in Wanderland - March 11 2022

The Courage to Be Uniquely You Feeling the shift? Take a deep breath of fresh cosmic air because Venus is finally and officially fully out of hardworking and a** kicking Capricorn. Venus succumbed to Capricorn's hooves back in November 2021, stationing there ever since and just last week she finally transitioned into Aquarius. If you missed the blog post, I delved into what Venus and Mars moving into Aquarius would bring us. In a nutshell, Venus empowers you to give the middle figure to societal expectations that encourage you to fit in. She grows in strength and courage, especially after "doing the work" through her Capricornian escapade and gives you permission to embrace your inner freak. Venus invites you to...

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