FAQ's Yoni Wands & Yoni Eggs! Find your perfect crystal

What does the word YONI mean?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for womb and female genitals - also connotes the female sexual organs such as "vagina", "vulva", and "uterus", or "sacred space."


What type of crystal should I start with?

The one that resonates with you the most! It is said that the crystal chooses you.... so, if there is a specific crystal that you are drawn to, it is likely to be the one you need to work with. However, each crystal emits different vibrations and if you are looking for a crystal to help you heal a certain aspect in your life, you might want to choose a crystal that has most attributes towards your healing goals. For example - choosing rose quartz to heal any inquietudes related to the heart, or red jasper to get things moving for you since it helps ignite the fire and energy within. Your intuition will lead you to the right crystal...


Why opt for pleasure wands vs regular vibrators?

Although vibrators might seem like the easiest and quickest way to reach climax, it skips a stage between the arousal and orgasm phase that is vital to the production of healthy hormones and natural body chemicals such as oxytocin and nitric oxide - both highly beneficial for providing regular ovulation patterns, better immunity and improved cervical mucus. Pleasure wands allow women to experience full body orgasms the way regular vibrators cannot. By emitting a different kind of ‘vibration’, pleasure wands lead women to connect deeper within their bodies, focusing on slow, internal pleasure rather than just clitoral orgasms. Vibrators are manufactured with toxic materials such as dyes, phthalates, chemical-laden plastics, rubbers and other synthetics that disrupts the endocrine system and harbors bacteria making pleasure wands a safer alternative to women’s sexual health.


What are YONI EGGS?

Simply defined as ‘vaginal crystal weights’ - Yoni Eggs are hand carved crystals, shaped in the form of an egg to be used by women inside their Yoni (sacred space/vagina) to support pelvic floor strength and vitality.

Daily practice of Yoni Eggs helps women experience enhanced sexual pleasure, increased vaginal lubrication and arousal, more intense orgasm and stronger vaginal muscles. Yoni egg practice also helps women with recovery after childbirth, cure UTI and PMS related symptoms, vaginal diseases and increase fertility.


YONI EGGS: What size to choose?

Typically, Yoni eggs come in 3 different sizes. It is recommended to start with a larger egg and work your way down into a smaller size since they are harder to hold and require greater muscle strength. Large eggs are great beginner eggs and are typically recommended for women who have recently given vaginal birth or who are older than 50 years of age. Larger eggs are easier for a beginner to hold and manage since it is wider and tend to fall out less. Medium eggs are a good all-purpose size with enough weight to be felt and retained making it one most commonly used by women to start their practice. Small eggs are for women who have a very strong pelvic floor muscle and have mastered the medium egg. 


YONI EGGS: Drilled vs Non-drilled?

A drilled egg has a hole in it you can put a string through that will allow you to pull the egg out or attach a weight on to it. The drilled eggs could be used without a string as well and requires more care when cleaning to avoid bacteria build up inside the hole.


YONI EGGS: Can they get stuck or ‘lost’ inside me?

Typically, women will choose a drilled egg due to fear of it getting stuck. The vagina is a closed system making it impossible for your egg to get lost or stuck inside of you. If you feel as if you cannot get the egg out, don’t panic! Beginners tend to become tense and further retain the egg by tightening the muscles. Best thing to do is to breathe, relax and trust your body! Remember that yoni eggs are made from healing crystals and may often remain inside you until their work is done.


YONI EGGS: Can I use a yoni egg with an IUD?

There has not been any evidence that using a yoni egg with an IUD is harmful and it is highly unlikely to do any damage or dislodge the IUD however, we advise that you consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.


YONI EGGS: Can I use a yoni egg while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

It is OK to use a yoni egg while breastfeeding but we do not recommend using a yoni egg during pregnancy as it may induce labor. 


Further Questions?

If you have any other concerns that have not been addressed, please send us an email with your inquiry to magic@yoniwanderland.com. Thank you!