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In order to enhance your healing experience, we created a community of professionals who are affiliated to our brand and can guide you on your journey to healing, empowerment and sexual awakening. 
Bijou McCurdy, MSW, LCSW
Sexual Trauma Therapist
My therapeutic support is centered around sexual trauma. My guidance reassures your return to a sense of safety, self-compassion, empowerment, and integrity. Wands and yoni eggs can play an important role in de-armoring the imprints of trauma wounding. They beautifully reveal the subtle places of these wounds and ultimately help to restore pleasure, play, power, and passion back into your life.
Contact: love1734512@gmail.com | 225.773.4413 | @halfmoonmama
Based in Louisiana, all sessions on Zoom
Languages: English

Justin Gottlieb
Tantra Love Coach
I am a Sexual Freedom Coach and I offer in-person Tantric Awakening Experiences where my clients can embody Tantra, heal from past trauma and open up to the limitless pleasure and love within. I will utilize Yoni Wanderland products for sessions based on the intention and work we are doing or by request. I also offer Tantric Awakening Experiences for couples.
Contact: justin@tantralovecoach.com | 908.208.4879 | @tantralovecoach
Based in Miami, FL
Languages: English

Kathrine & Serge Gasc
HIPTANTRA: Couples Intimacy Coaching
Feel fully supported by a 22-year experienced couple in love more now than ever. You don't have to do it alone! Break free from the monotony in your relationship, experience a deep sense of closeness with your partner and discover new ways to approach sexuality for ultimate pleasure and spiritual bliss. We guide you on how to rapidly resolve conflicts and dissolve deep seated resentment and barriers to communication and intimacy. We teach how you can have more fun inside and outside the bedroom by creating romantic, playful, and exciting dates and experiences that will help reignite that passion and attraction you once knew.
Contact: sekathy@hiptantra.com | 305.606.6724 | @hiptantra 
Based in Miami, FL
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Michelle Alva

Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach, Certified Tantra Practitioner, Mindset/Energy Coach, NLP/Hypnosis, Pre/Postnatal and Pelvic Floor Specialist, Yoni Healing and Sexual Empowerment Yoga Teacher

I created the ALVA Method (Activate Love, Vibrate Abundance) that teaches us to embrace our past, process stuck emotions, emotional and chronic pains in the body in seconds, so that we may experience the lightness, ease, pleasure, love, and abundance that is our Natural State of being. I have a specialized training and am passionate about guiding women back to their Pelvic Power, especially women with incontinence, Pre/Postnatal women, and women who wish to learn how to orgasm, and command their sexual energy for healing and empowerment. I work with women, men, and couples. I teach women how to assess the integrity of their pelvic floor, pelvic floor strength, and how to release chronic pelvic pain, prior to prescribing the use of Yoni Egg and Wand for maximum benefit and use. 

Contact: michelle@michellealva.com  | 305-206-2229 | @michellealvalove www.michellealva.com | YouTube: MichelleAlvaTV

Based in Key Biscayne, FL - Zoom or in person, will travel!

Languages: English, Spanish, and Italian

Online Products:

Yoni Power and Orgasmic Abundance
Deeper Connection: Intro to Tantra For Couples
Abundant Pregnancy


 Simone Meireles
Tantra Healing, Tantra Massage, Intimacy Coaching & Sacred Sexuality
Are you ready to have your relationships be a pathway to fully revealing yourself and your potential? If your answer was yes, real intimacy can be yours on a day-to-day basis.Our sensuality and sexuality are at the core of who we are, and what we attract and allow into our lives. I offer sexual reflexology coaching and classes using wand/yoni eggs and I specialize in helping individuals and couples actualize their divine ecstatic sexual and spiritual potential.

 Contact: simonetantrahealing@gmail.com | 954.652.9950 | @simone_mei_tantra
Based in Miami, FL
Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Pía Battaglia
Psicóloga y Sexóloga con un Máster en Sexualidad Humana, Coach Ontológico, Sexual y Espiritual. Autora: El Libro de las Afirmaciones Sexontológicas
Creadora del Coach Sexontológico una nueva modalidad de asesoramiento para la vida y la sexualidad. Estoy apasionada con esta nueva profesión. Acompaño al coachee (cliente) en el descubrimiento del si mismo y en definir las modificaciones que desea, vislumbrando las acciones efectivas para lograrlo. Trabajo con los clientes aquellos aspectos que deseen desbloquear de su sexualidad y su proyecto de vida, revisando sus fortalezas y creando un plan de acción. Trabajo los sistemas familiares como medios de descubrimiento y trascendencia de traumas, problemas o relaciones familiares pasadas. 
Contacto: coachpiabattaglia@gmail.com | 786.774.2629 | @piabattagliaoficial
Based in Miami, FL
Idiomas: Español y Italiano