Yoni Activation Ritual: Ground into the sensual experience of being in

Yoni Activation Ritual: Ground into the sensual experience of being in your body

Hello Beautiful,


We are in an eclipse season year where sex and pleasure are the emblematic astrological signature. The energy of the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus, that occurred this past weekend, will be present during the duration of the lunar cycle.


With the Eclipse in Taurus, we are being asked to deeply activate our full sensory experience: scent, sight, touch, taste, and hearing all get to come out and play.

Taurus is the energy of sensuality itself. Venus-rules Taurus invites you to ground into the sensual experience of being in your body.


The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. The key here is to embrace a gentle and kind demeanor in the bedroom. The astrology is NOT inviting hard impact play. Create a sacred space in your playroom by lighting some candles, burning incense, placing an altar, & playing celestial music. 

  • Explore the erotic parts of your body where the lymphatic system runs: the back of the ears, the sides and back of the neck, and also the earlobes, top of the ears, & lips. These are often forgotten about erotic parts of the body that can arouse a multisensory orgasmic experience. 
    • If solo, gently caress these areas of your body, massage them using your hands intimate crystals to stimulate these areas. 
    • If partnered, invite each other to explore these areas of each other's bodies with your lips, wands, hands, or other items that activate multiple senses. Gently kiss & suck your partners erogenous zones here allowing yourself to fully surrender into the giving or receiving side of this practice.  
  • Bring food to the playroom: think strawberries, chocolate, & whipped cream (or whatever else ignites your senses!). Play with the food in the above-mentioned erogenous zones if partnered or bring them into your own space if solo. Play with the texture of the food on your skin, on your lips, and in your mouth.
  • Explore foot play. The foot fetish is the most common sexual fetish there is and for good reason. Our feet hold all of our acupressure points of our bodies and organs. They also carry all of our weight daily. Show some love to your feet by receiving an extended foot massage (especially if solo!). You can spice things up by integrating erotic foot play and sensual exploration of your partner's body with each other's feet.
  • Connect to Pachamama grounding all of these energies by putting your bare feet into the soil. Aim for a daily 5 minute connection to the earth this way with your crystals in hand. For extra brownie points, make your playroom the outdoors!
  • Use the Yoni Oil to give (and receive!) your partner an erotic massage.
  • Throat play. Taurus is the sign of the singer. If you're not normally vocal in bed (solo or not!) I invite you to really activate your auditory capabilities here. Allow your erotic exhales to lead you into moans that arouse your yoni center, catapulting you deep into galactic pleasure. Your yoni and throat are intricately biologically connected. When you moan, you activate the inner juices of your yoni, making you wetter and readier to receive deeper pleasure.
  • Cuddle. The innocent intimacy of cuddling releases the pleasure and love hormone oxytocin, with the added benefit of releasing stress and relaxing you deeper into your body. This one requires others. If your romantic life is a solo journey, gather some friends for a platonic cuddle puddle! Taurus teaches us that sensuality doesn't have to be sexual.


Suggested Crystals to work with: Amethyst & Clear Quartz


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