The Tantric Catamaran Experience

The Tantric Catamaran Experience

*Please book a Discovery Call for Pricing and availability. 

Welcome aboard the Sea Bubble, a luxurious 48 ft sailing Catamaran situated in the heart of Miami, Florida.

The Sea Bubble promises an extraordinary escape from your daily routine, inviting you to reconnect with your inner self through a Tantric Massage Experience, immersed in nature, overlooking the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay. 

The session is guided by professionally trained Tantricas, with over 15 years of expertise in the art of Tantra.

We begin by creating a welcoming and serene environment, where you can openly share your desires, fears, intentions, and boundaries, laying the foundation for a profound and transformative massage to release trauma, emotional stagnation, open the sexual energy and deepen intimacy with yourself.

The journey consists of meditation, breathwork, movement, energy activation, sacred sensual touch. Blending sensuality, enjoyment and healing vibes. 

For integration, you will have the option to float in the warm waters of Miami and recharge with the revitalizing energy of the sun on your naked skin as you conclude this unique Tantra massage Immersion. 

This unique offering is open to individuals and couples alike, providing a space for personal growth and connection.

Ready to Indulge in this experience? 

Book a Discovery Call to learn more about how a Tantra Massage can benefit you (and/or your partner). 

The duration of this Immersion is of 3-5 hours*

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