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Venus in Wanderland: Libra New Moon activation embodiment ritual

Fall Back in Like   We have made it to autumn, to a new ingress of a new cardinal sign: Libra. It is officially Venus-ruled Libra season. Marking this new chapter, the New Moon in Libra occurring in a mere two days on September 25th, features a very active Venus who gifts us a much desired energetic shift to light and love.   Take a deep sigh of relief because the worst of Virgo season is *almost* over. Venus will remain in Virgo for another few days until she too joins the Libran love fest on the 29th.   Venus will be opposing Neptune on the 24th, trining Pluto on the 25th, conjuncting Mercury (who is still retrograde) on the...

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Venus in Wanderland: Full Moon Activation Embodiment Ritual

Devotion to the Goddess Paves the Way for Clear Communication Despite the fact that this here now Venus in Wanderland blog centers around Venus' dance through the astrological sky, this wouldn’t be a blog post whole-unto-itself without mentioning that her neighbor planet, Mercury, enters its retrograde phase today September 9th.   Mercury retrograding through the sign of Venus-ruled Libra (and eventually into Virgo later in the month), makes its relevance to the subject matter of this blog even more relevant. This retrograde will highlight the main theme we explore here: relationships.   Even though technology goes awry and communication breaks down during Mercury retrograde, it shouldn't be as feared or vilified. When we turn our focus to its silver lining,...

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Venus in Wanderland: Yoni Ritual for New Moon in Virgo

A new season is upon us. Reeling off the high intensity energy of Leo, we now move fully into Virgo season, with the New Moon in Virgo happening on the 27th.   As with all new moons, the time is ripe to gain clarity in your life and set intentions for what wants to be birthed the next lunar cycle.   Virgo is the Virgin, the Maiden. Often misconstrued in society as someone (usually a woman) who is chaste and hasn't had sex in her life, the Virgin archetype truly has little to do with sex and more to do with purity of embodiment of the Divine Feminine.   The Virgin is a woman unto herself. She is perfect, whole,...

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Venus in Wanderland: Yoni Ritual for Full Moon in Aquarious

Be a unique expression of your individuation   Yesterday's Full Moon in Aquarius came in full force with the shiny new ingress of the Goddess Venus moving fully into the sign of Leo. With the light of the Leo Sun and the Aquarian Full Moon shining upon her, the Leonine desire for radical self-expression and indulgent self-exploration abounds.   The remaining two weeks of this lunar cycle will highlight major developments in our relationships, as Venus meets a lot of shifts, changes, and upheaval.   Focus the Full Moon energies on releasing attachments to being perceived a certain way by others, to unleash your ferocious leonine authentic voice, and to connect with community who shares values of authenticity and expression.  ...

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Venus in Wanderland: Leo New Moon & Venus Yoni Rituals

We all have an experience of the Sun, yet the Sun does not experience us.   When our light shines, when we step onto a stage, it's virtually impossible to escape being perceived and equally impossible to perceive everyone who is perceiving us.   With the Sun in its home sign of Leo making it officially fully Leo season and having experienced the New Moon in Leo on the 28th, the invitation opens to step onto a stage where we are seen and recognized to the point where people we don't even know perceive us.   It is a time to shine our creatively expressed selves onto others.   This new lunar cycle features a very active Venus, who will...

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