Venus in Wanderland - March 11 2022

Venus in Wanderland - March 11 2022

The Courage to Be Uniquely You

Feeling the shift?

Take a deep breath of fresh cosmic air because Venus is finally and officially fully out of hardworking and a** kicking Capricorn. Venus succumbed to Capricorn's hooves back in November 2021, stationing there ever since and just last week she finally transitioned into Aquarius.

If you missed the blog post, I delved into what Venus and Mars moving into Aquarius would bring us.

In a nutshell, Venus empowers you to give the middle figure to societal expectations that encourage you to fit in. She grows in strength and courage, especially after "doing the work" through her Capricornian escapade and gives you permission to embrace your inner freak.

Venus invites you to embrace pleasure by trying on something new and different. She stays in Aquarius for the duration of the month, slightly bleeding into April. Thus, the rest of this month carries the signature of exploring your individuality. Deriving pleasure and joy by being your own unique starflake. She gives you permission to detach from the expectations and judgments present in your relationship and to replace them with your uniqueness.

You get to celebrate and remember where home is: the stars. Your galactic nature flourishes and blossoms. However, you MUST activate this remembrance…

But, how?

Create an individuated experience of yourself and your relations.

What makes you feel unique, different, flirty and fun? Carefree?

Maybe it's wearing that new funky outfit you've been wanting to show off but have been hiding for fear that you might be perceived as "too much…" Venus encourages you to be ALL THE WAY out there. 

Venus calls for you to heal those wounds of needing to be liked. It is safe to be different.

This journey of soul evolution happens by breaking free from the status quo. And will require some inner child healing. You heal your inner child when you fully get and understand that it's none of your business what other people think of you. It is not your business to be well-liked. To be a "lady." To conform. To tone it down so that you can appease others and make others comfortable.

And I'm not just talking about social settings… I'm talking about ALL your relations. Your family, your husbands and wives, your lovers, best friends, social circles, bosses, employees.

It serves absolutely no one to play small and to do what you're told if what you're told doesn't align to your values.

When you choose to stand in the courage of your convictions, that little child inside of you melts in joy and gratitude overwhelm.

Dance to the beat of your own drum. Don't expect others to drum for you.

When you empower you, you empower others.

Ultimately, you are here to do YOUR Divine Expression. To embody being a goddess onto yourself, standing in full sovereignty of your individuated expression. Every sovereign step you take leaves a trail of blooming flowers of Divine empowerment, gifting permission to others to be the same.

You are the sovereign individuated wounded healer.

You will be challenged by circumstances. They will come out of left field and they will test your stability as well as your faith.

But if you ground in the knowledge that when you follow the pleasure of living on your terms and you don't allow other people's perspectives to infiltrate your inner knowing, the Goddess will take care of you.

…And if you feel you may need a little help, working with a Carnelian Yoni Egg at this time will be highly beneficial being a stone of motivation and confidence that helps boost the power of your true expression with clarity and grounding.

She holds you through the challenges, the tests, the initiations, which are meant to show you that when you let go of your human needs to be safe & have it all figured out, of your ego's desire to stay small so that it can remain safely secure and unthreatened, of societal paradigms founded on the reptilian brain's survival instinct, then you transcend your humanity into your Divinity, and thus become a key player in birthing the Aquarian Age.

You are Divine.

Nothing can threaten you but your persistence to stay small.


-Vanessa Kristina

Astrologer and Writer


Vanessa Kristina, founder of Mystik Monark, helps Mystik Misfits to uncover their Divine Purpose and shine light on their shadows through a no-BS spiritual counseling approach. Mystik Monark's mission is to connect Society to Divinity, one soul at a time.

As an Evolutionary Astrologer & Akashic Records Practitioner, Vanessa guides clients out of the existential spiritual closet and through dark nights of the soul so that they can unlock authentic expression and create their dream lives to experience the freedom, joy, and abundance of their soul-selves, through her signature Inner Mystik Mastery program. As a former corporate attorney, she integrates pragmatic actionable guidance with esoteric wisdom, inspiring a deep inner standing of who we are and who we came here to be.


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