Venus in Wanderland is a ‘love-scope’ focusing on the planet of love

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - June 10, 2021 - Solar Eclipse

June 10, 2021 - Solar Eclipse This month’s solar eclipse strongly influences our sense of stability and belonging. It opens a new portal of happiness, wonder, and artistry through communication. After a long period of confusion, clarity comes and reveals a childlike desire in us that begs for joy, playfulness, lighthearted fun, and a wholesome sense of wellbeing. We have this sweet and curious urge to socialize and experience a variety of different wholesome environments that make us feel nurtured. Activities like cooking, yoga, live music, artistic gatherings in group settings or open areas like parks and forests are incredibly healing. In love, we may experience storms of changes caused by a strong ability to see beyond deceptions and voice...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of May 20-26, 2021

Week of May 20-26 A spark of love and happiness is all it takes to set us free this week. Truths kept inside will make their way into conversation with lovers, friends, and family leading up to the Scorpio eclipse on the 26th. As eclipse seasons bring powerful changes to our doorstep, Venus frolics in a meadow of flowers and continues to make us warm, effervescent, and pleasure seeking until the end of this week. Our enjoyment of life will be hard to ignore and with this lunar eclipse in Scorpio, so is our growing desire to sink deep into the pleasures of our sexuality. This can put a wild spin on finances and although there may be unexpected spending...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of May 6 - 12, 2021

Week of May 6 - 12 Moving into mid-May, a powerful and reharmonizing transformation in love takes place. May 5th, 6th, and 7th are significant dates of changes and regaining the loss of balance within us and our relationships will be important this week. Our home is highlighted this week and it will be highly beneficial to do things like rearranging furniture, decorating with flowers, and cooking to open creative blockages and invites comfort into our personal space. A sweet and subtle but bold desire to express our love for life and others takes center this week through sacrifices of love leading to a refreshing new moon in Aries on May 11. This new moon marks the beginning of a...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of April 29-May 5, 2021

Week of April 29-May 5 The first week of May is impactful, transformational, and purifying. Venus transits the later part of Aries and brings into question any negative influences that are hindering the flow of love, creativity, and abundance in our lives. We’ll need to face taking simple and sincere responsibility in order to develop our communication skills, relationships, and financial stability. Feeling empowered to confront difficult situations throughout this week will be the underlying current while maintaining a realistic optimism will help us get over hurdles with our loved ones. Relationships that’ve suffered fractures in the recent past will be highlighted throughout the entire week with May 1st being a significant day for all relationships. A continuation of adjustments...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND- Week of May 13 -19, 2021

Week of May 13 -19 Committed to love, happiness, abundance, and beauty, Venus this week moves through a part of Taurus where she bubbles with affection and warmth for those around her whom she values most. Making us possessive by nature, ultimatums in commitment are validated as now we know what we need to feel good and secure in love and won’t settle for anything less. Those in relationships will experience a rekindling of deep love and joy with a flare of jealousy and a sharp tongue in expressing displeasures while those who are single open their hearts again to new connections while maintaining a focus on stabilizing work and finances. The energy this week is nothing short of magical...

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