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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - August 22, 2021 - Aquarius Full Moon

August 22, 2021 - Aquarius Full Moon The later half of August brings unexpected changes with respect to how we identify ourselves with our social circles and with our friends and family. It carries the energy of breakthroughs that occur through doubtful action and ushers in a sense of personal fulfillment and joy with an element of surprise after deviating from one’s personal duties and responsibilities to please, entertain, and fulfill the needs of others over the last 6 months.  The essence of this moon is to move to the drum of life around us and to selflessly serve our environment in some spiritual way without abandoning our own needs.  The inspiration to take further action towards our dreams comes through together...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - August 8, 2021 - Cancer New Moon

August 8, 2021 - Cancer New Moon  The month of August rings with accomplishments from strengths while revealing personality weaknesses.  This moon brings a combination of both experiences into our lives on a personal level, showing us what’s special about us as individuals but also what about our lives needs more devotion and refinement.  This will create a little bit of struggle in feeling completely happy or fulfilled but gives the opportunity to see an aspect of ourselves objectively, influencing us to make quick, optimistic, and openhearted decisions good for our growth. Venus’s placement influences our relationships, love, and finances by making us idealistic and perfectionists.  This has potential to create disappointments, particularly in relationships and finances if we’re not practical about the changes...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - July 23, 2021 - Capricorn Full Moon

July 23, 2021 As we move through the last part July and into August, we begin the process of refining long-term plans.  With Venus, this means accepting and understanding the practical aspects of relationships from talking and touching to shared responsibilities in the home and family which, essentially, are symbols of our invested time, energy, emotion. This phase also initiates the process of change regarding family dynamics, for example a shift in responsibilities or leadership roles.  We may find ourselves toggling between planning, working, and celebrating achievements meanwhile, completely inspired to leave the heavy aspects of the past behind, heal, and start anew.  This full moon inspires to release what’s been weighing us down having to do with work and...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - July 9, 2021 - Gemini Full Moon

July 9, 2021 - Gemini Full Moon July is a life changing and transformational month for many reasons.  It carries the energy of purification, love, and self-care.  Life changing initiatives sprout forth together with unexpected events with the coming of this new moon (great time to clean your crystals) while Venus’s transit sheds light on our personal relationships, home, and family situations that changes our perception.  This will reveal unbelievable, unexpected, or shocking news leading us to make life-changing decisions that honor happiness and freedom while seeing life and embracing it for what it is.July is a life changing and transformational month for many reasons.  It carries the energy of purification, love, and self-care.  Life changing initiatives sprout forth together with unexpected events with the...

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VENUS IN WANDERLAND - June 24, 2021 - Sagittarius Full Moon

June ends on an intense note after the full moon on the 24th reflects its light onto those things we consider to be foundational for us.  There’s a sense of coming home to a place, an environment, a relationship where we feel we belong.  Venus will already be in Cancer, transforming relationships in deep ways as she aspects Pluto, planet of intense transformations.  A blend of empowerment and surrender comes through this period that gives us the urge to nurture and protect our loved ones intensely, especially in the face of bruit injustice.  We can experience some difficulties in communication within partnerships as truths that need discernment and clarification come to light.  Being brave enough to express our emotions in as much a loving and...

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