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Venus Activation New Year Embodiment Ritual

Farewell to Venus in Wanderland   As we come to a close of a momentous year, so too comes the end of a Venus in Wanderland era. The last couple of years, bringing an astrological twist to Yoni Wanderland have been transformative for us. In 2022, the blog took on a more literal and proactive take on following the Venusian path of Goddess Venus moving through the astrological sky.   With planetary tracking of the Goddess, came the downloads to bring Venusian and astrological embodiment rituals to you, the reader, as an integral part of Venus in Wanderland: the Yoni Activation Embodiment Rituals. These mini rituals formed a part of every blog post, aligning to the astrological energies of the moment and with Venus'...

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Venus in Wanderland: Gemini Full Moon ✨ Communicate to Create

"Words are spells and I activate my power with the words I choose to use."    - Magic of I   The last full moon of a year filled with quantum uplevels, upgrades, and significant relational shifts comes in with a bang.  This Gemini Full Moon on December 6th brings with it action-packed drama, with the moon exactly conjunct Mars in Gemini, who is currently in retrograde.   As the quote above states, words are spells. Thoughts are prayers. Gemini is the mastermind of words and thoughts. The illumination this lunation highlights is that of the power that of our actions aligned with our words brings. The universe is currently crystal clearly showing you whether you are putting your money...

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Venus in Wanderland: Ignite Adventure and Freedom

Ahhh… Yes. The cosmic winds have shifted yet again, with Venus now fully in Sagittarius. Take a nice deep breath in relief as eclipse season is over (for now) and life begins to lighten (at least emotionally) as we transition into Sagittarius season aka holiday season in the western world. The time of the year where we gather, celebrate, and rejoice in community is cosmically adept, as Sagittarius is the jovial sign of the zodiac. It loves a good party, to mingle and radically express. Thus, with Venus already there, our relationships now benefit from a surge in external, light-hearted energy, where we can stress less and celebrate more. We receive the new moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd, beginning...

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Venus in Wanderland: Goddess Lives in Your Body - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

As we come down from a season full of thin veils, honoring the dark goddess, and communing with our ancestors, Venus gears up for a next couple of weeks full of astrological cosmic activity.   She's been the queen of the year, dictating who gets to stay and who gets to go in our lives. If you find yourself in relatively high spirits at this time, know that you have been doing the inner work of cleaning up your inner and outer circle. If, on the contrary, if you find yourself struggling to regulate your emotions, then taking a closer look at how you've been relating to yourself and others and being honest about your authentic desires, is going to...

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Venus in Wanderland: Aries Full Moon Embodiment Ritual to Awaken your Inner Feline

Activate Your Inner Feline We are fully out of Mercury retrograde and moving swiftly into the core of Venus season, aka Libra season. By now you should be experiencing a deeper sense of clarity around how harmony and balance play a role in your relationships. The cloudy veil of confusion has fully lifted and now you get to move forward with newfound clarity. The Aries Full Moon arrives on the 9th, illuminating the parts of our identities we have lost to others. An experience of understanding the role that sacred rage and courage play in our lives comes into full focus with this full moon. Aries can be a hostile and volatile energy when untamed. If there is no direction...

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