Venus in Wanderland Gemini Full Moon ✨ Communicate to Create

Venus in Wanderland: Gemini Full Moon ✨ Communicate to Create

"Words are spells and I activate my power with the words I choose to use."
 - Magic of I
The last full moon of a year filled with quantum uplevels, upgrades, and significant relational shifts comes in with a bang.  This Gemini Full Moon on December 6th brings with it action-packed drama, with the moon exactly conjunct Mars in Gemini, who is currently in retrograde.
As the quote above states, words are spells. Thoughts are prayers. Gemini is the mastermind of words and thoughts. The illumination this lunation highlights is that of the power that of our actions aligned with our words brings. The universe is currently crystal clearly showing you whether you are putting your money where your mouth is, Mars being retrograde would have it no other way. If you are moving in your life the way you say you are, then your capacity to manifest your thoughts exponentially multiplies. But if you are moving out of integrity, your manifestations will be way less than desirable.
This full moon is a time to pray and celebrate your creations. Feel into the expansiveness of gratitude and keep calling in that which you desire to have in your life that isn't present. Release the words and thoughts that aren't serving you.
The overall energy that our Goddess Venus brings this full is a cautionary tale. Don't take any hasty actions. Be intentional with how you are communicating your ideas with others, particularly those with whom you are co-creating. Differences in viewpoints and perspectives may be challenging to reconcile, but when you can come from a place
Venus spends her last couple of days in Sagittarius during this full moon and then moves into Capricorn a couple days later on the 9th. Here, she brings structure and grounding to our relationships. We perceive beauty in the practical and pragmatic.
With Venus moving into Capricorn, we complete a cycle and begin a new one. At the end of last year starting in December, Venus retrograde all throughout the sign of Capricorn for 40 days and into the new year of 2022. This was a period of deep reflection into observing the relationship that no longer fit our foundational framework, looking to grow existing relationships with meaning, and observing our own inner dynamics of the inner structures that aren't fostering our relationships with ourselves.
We now have a fresh new perspective with Venus back to this energy in an integrated way. Take a moment during this full moon energy to reflect on the dynamic changes that your relationships, with self and others, have shifted, deepened, and grown stronger with better boundaries and foundations.
You are not the same person you were at the beginning of the year. Neither are those who were close to you. Celebrate that.
The Full Moon is a result of the Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Moon in Gemini. Thus, the astrological energies involved are of both Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius is connected to the  hips, thighs, sciatic nerves, and arteries.  Gemini lungs, arms, and fingers. The cosmic key here lies in supporting our nervous system by moving our lower bodies in sync with the upper body.
Suggested crystals to work with:
  • Bloodstone: Cleanses the blood & aids circulation in the body. Promotes physical & creative energy. Gives courage & heals emotional wounds. An immune stimulator.
  • Fire Quartz: Facilitates deep understanding between lovers. Removes barriers during communication. Dissolves imbalances, boosts self-esteem, self-worth & self-confidence. Enhances Vitality.
The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. Where appropriate, create a sacred space in your playroom by lighting candles, burning incense, setting up an altar with your yoni wands and yoni eggs, & playing devotional music.
Full Moon Affirmation Ritual: Create an altar for the full moon ensuring to bring in the element of fire with a candle. Take one of your wands and also place it on the altar. Take a moment to reflect back on your new moon intentions from two weeks ago. Have any of these intentions manifested? What needs to be released in order to welcome in your intended manifestations? What new actions can you take to move closer towards your manifestations? Journal about these and reflect on the actions you've taken to create your desired outcomes and the actions you haven't taken.
Once you feel complete in your journaling practice, take a moment to write down "I am…" statement affirmations or present moment affirmations that reflect what you want to create. Write as many statements as feels complete, but make sure you come up with at least ten. Examples of affirmations statements:
I am an empowered entrepreneur living in financial abundance and success
I am ready and open to receive
People are inspired by me
My body is free and agile, moving through world light as a feather
I am surrender by people who love me and see me
I release perception of expectations and judgments others have of me
Make these affirmations as specific and personal as possible. Make them impactful and poignant. Feel these statements.  Once you've gotten at least 10 statements, then take a moment to feel into the frequency of the affirmation you're calling into your life. Close your eyes and feel these in your heart. Then open your eyes and read the statements out loud with strong presence, to the fire. Once complete, thank the spirit of the fire for supporting you in transmuting these affirmations and bringing them into your reality.
Recite your affirmations every day for the next 15 days, the days that the moon is waning, completing the cycle. Repeating these affirmations will support you in reprogramming your subconscious mind and alchemize them into reality aligning with the astrology of this full moon!
Dance & Sing: There are few better ways out there to move stagnant energies and activate creative expression than with dance. Create some space during this full moon energy to connect to your body and release pent up energies that are bound to clog your energetic field during this full moon. Put on some sexy groovy music and allow your hips and pelvis to move energy up into your upper body, arms, and flow out through your fingers. Make this dance playful, fun, erotic. Allow yourself to fully immerse into the experience of movement focusing the energy on these two body parts. Move your hands across your body as you dance, intuiting every movement, fully surrendering into your Goddess essence within. Experience the juiciness of moving, embodying, embracing your whole Self.  Feel the suppleness of your skin underneath your fingertips as you glide your hands across in dance.
When you're ready, begin integrating your voice, if you haven't already. Whether that is by singing along to the song playing, or making up new words to the music, or simply flowing in melody that comes through. Allow this process to be fun and natural. Don't overthink it!
  • Intimacy Intellectual Integration: Gemini is the archetype of the dualistic nature of our mental experience. To a story there's always another side. And to that side of the story there are yet more sides. Truth is a matter of perspective. Gemini teaches us this. When you can communicate from an understanding that there's always a new fact that can alter opinions, you engage your intellect. The mind is a powerful stimulant and an intellectually stimulating conversation with someone, especially an intimate partner, can stimulate your yoni as well.
The invitation here is to engage with meaningful and philosophical conversations with YOURSELF! An important part of the process of attracting what you desire in relationships is to give yourself what you seek from others externally, including your current partner if you have one. What this looks like in actuality, is you engaging in conversations with your inner Masculine and your inner Feminine. How does each part of you view the world? How do they view each other? How do they view you? What does each NEED from the other?
In order to establish security and safety within, you must give and receive to yourself what you seek. Spend time during the next two weeks checking in with these parts of yourself. As you wake up in the morning, does your inner Feminine want to be touched and felt by your Inner Masculine? What desires does She have for Him?
Take both yourselves out on a date and have them engage. What transpires might surprise you!
Vanessa Kristina
Astrologer and Writer
Vanessa Kristina, founder of Mystik Monark, helps Mystik Misfits to uncover their Divine Purpose and shine light on their shadows through a no-BS spiritual counseling approach. Mystik Monark's mission is to connect Society to Divinity, one soul at a time.
As an Evolutionary Astrologer & Akashic Records Practitioner, Vanessa guides clients out of the existential spiritual closet and through dark nights of the soul so that they can unlock authentic expression and create their dream lives to experience the freedom, joy, and abundance of their soul-selves, through her signature Inner Mystik Mastery program. As a former corporate attorney, she integrates pragmatic actionable guidance with esoteric wisdom, inspiring a deep inner standing of who we are and who we came here to be.

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