VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Taurus Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021

VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Taurus Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021

Taurus Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021, Sidereal Astrology

Eclipses, eclipses, eclipses.  They are the most intense moon phase we experience, said to have three times more energetic influence and power than a regular moon phase. This one occurs in Taurus and is lunar, meaning it’s a full moon eclipse.  Emotionally intense but incredibly sobering and grounding as the sun sits in Scorpio and will place our energetic focus on the roots of our family and foundation of our lives while we make changes in our home environment and repair or establish new roots as we move through November.  A great deal of emphasis is also placed on friendships and the signing of joint contracts.  We can expect to experience some arousal of anger, irritability, or intense passion as the moon transits this part of Taurus and encourages us to defend territories.  Patience, firmness, and dealing with matters that sit close to the heart in positive ways will ensure progressive and collaborative outcomes and this will give a little breathing room for free-time fun.  It’s also recommended to double check any legal paperwork for errors and follow one’s intuition when feeling the need to look beyond the superficial layer of a situations. It’ll be wise to keep certain developments to oneself during this phase just to ensure the least amount of error and difficulties possible.  

Love is free and lenient, giving room for those in partnerships to be themselves in social environments yet the possibility of jealousy or possessiveness can arise if strong relationship foundations are not in place.  And so for some, this will create the perfect opportunity to speak with an open mind and establish these foundations. Others will experience opportunity to travel if matters of the home and finances are situated. Those who are single, (women in particular) experience a new beginning in love with the desire and opportunity to travel to distant lands and learn new cultures.  This can prove to be a very exciting period and the chances of meeting someone special from a foreign land is likely.  If traveling or spending time out, the possibility of experiencing some social awkwardness is possible for a few days while one adjusts to recent endings and personal changes that would be overlapping this time.  November will be a very busy month and with so much going on, sensuality and intimate moments with your person can come on impulsively, with a little dirty talk and fast action.  Taking the time and attention for quick surprises or flirty exchanges between busy moments keeps this little bit of fire sparked bright throughout this phase and opens those who are ready for new love.


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