Crystal Wands Vs Conventional Vibrators

Crystal Wands Vs Conventional Vibrators

Rocks are the least expected materials you’d want to thrust into your ‘sacred place’ as a female. 

If you’re surprised why many people are making the shift to wands today, this piece is to help you visualize the differences between crystal wands and conventional vibrators.

For most people, silicone-based products and conventional vibrators are usually the first things that come to mind at the thought of sex toys.

Over the years, these products have received quite a lot of improvement with several tech additions and buttons, and buzzers here and there.

Crystal wands, on the other hand, look natural, and simple. 

They are made from a variety of crystals with different metaphysical properties. They come in a myriad of strange colors and you can easily mistake them for a souvenir from a trip to Asia if you’re seeing them the first time.

The use of intimate crystals are clearly changing our approach to sex toys but how do they actually compare to conventional vibrators? Let’s spot the differences!

Crystal Wands Vs Conventional Vibrators: Material Composition

It makes sense to start our comparison of these two with a vivid look at their material compositions.

In a world where we are becoming more conscious of how our products impact the environment, crystal wands seem a very environmentally-friendly option as they are wholly natural.

While vibrators are usually made from silicone, acrylic, dyes and other harmful chemicals, crystal wands are hand carved and polished to a silky smooth texture from semi-precious gemstones that come directly from mother earth and are free from toxic materials, making them an exceptionally safe choice for the delicate parts of our bodies. 

Unlike crystals wands, vibrators tend to have a shelf life of 1 year as they are made of porous materials that harbor bacteria and therefore, replacing them is vital to assure the upmost hygiene of your battery operated sex toy.

Vibrators can take you to orgasm, but wands go the extra mile

You can get earth-shattering orgasms with a conventional vibrator but that’s where it stops.

Crystal wands, however, guarantee an experience that goes far beyond the physical.  Wands are reputed for their heightened emotional connection, as well as, deeper internal orgasms that will make your toes curl. 

This advantage of crystal wands over conventional vibrators is attributed to their metaphysical characteristics. When in contact with your body, crystals emit a unique frequency that send healing energy throughout our bodies allowing positive energy flow in, as negative, disease-causing energies flows out. 

Crystal wands also teaches women to slow down the masturbation process and be more in tune with their sexuality and body needs. Crystal wands also focus in releasing tension in vaginal muscles and unblocking undigested emotions that gets stored in the womb area over the years…


Both vibrators and wands will help you orgasm, it just happens that crystal wands offer something deeper and spiritual. 

From rose quartz, to bloodstone, amethyst, and others, crystal wands possess some spiritual properties that include tenderness, healing, comfort, nourishment, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and lots more. 

Truth is, most people who try out crystal wands end up falling in love with them, never going back to traditional vibrators. 

Crystal wands guarantee deeper orgasms and a connection within. It reawakens the heart to innate love and rids the body of emotional blockages. 

Wands will help you get over the feelings of worries, fears, sorrows, disappointments, resentments, and more that may be standing in your way of giving and receiving love. 

It’s not surprising to see these unlikely products are gaining more popularity by the day. 

Aside from being a guarantee of cleaner and non-toxic sexual pleasure, crystal wands offer something beyond the ordinary, something deeper, and more emotional, more than you get with a conventional vibrator.

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