Yoni Egg for Beginners

Yoni Egg for Beginners

Getting a Yoni Egg promises a revolutionary experience for most women. 

Traditionally used in ancient China, Yoni Eggs made out of Jade stones were a secret guarded by members of the royal family. Only the Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace had access to this secret practice and used it to increase their vitality through sexual energy. 

Daily practice of Yoni Eggs helps women experience enhanced sexual pleasure, increased vaginal lubrification and arousal, more intense orgasm and stronger vaginal muscles. Yoni egg practice also helps women with recovery after childbirth, cure UTI and PMS related symptoms, vaginal diseases and increase fertility.

Choosing your very first crystal may be somehow overwhelming and tricky for most women. And that’s exactly why I made this piece up, to help you.

To start with,

What will your ideal size be?

Typically, yoni eggs come in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large. It is recommended to start with a larger egg and work your way down into a smaller size. 

The large-sized yoni egg is 35x40mm; the medium-sized one is 30x43mm, while the small one measures 25x35mm.  

The larger the egg, the easier it is to feel and get the muscles to grip them. 

If you are unsure, starting with the medium one is most common for most women since it is a good all-purpose size with enough weight to be felt. Large size is typically recommended for women who have recently given vaginal birth or are older than 50 years of age since women under these categories will most likely have weakened pelvic muscles and therefore, a larger egg will be easier to hold. 

Small eggs are for women who have a very strong pelvic floor muscle and have mastered the medium egg. They are also great to use during intercourse and the easiest to use if you wish to insert 2 at a time.

How about drilled or… not drilled?

Once you have determined the size that will suite you the most, then it’s time to choose between a drilled and undrilled yoni egg.

While the drilled yoni egg has a hole through which a string can be attached, the undrilled one does away with this. 

Attaching a string to the yoni egg allows you to pull the egg out when desired. This is a common choice since most women fear that the egg will get stuck or lost inside.  

Another added perk to the drilled eggs is the ability to attach a small weight bag to the other end for vaginal weight lifting. Something that should be used with caution in order not to strain your vaginal muscles. 

The downside? Cleaning a drilled yoni egg requires extra care to avoid bacteria buildup inside the hole. 

Choosing to work with an undrilled yoni egg however, involve a little more self-confidence trusting that it will come out! Daily practice with your yoni egg helps you gain control of your vaginal muscles and therefore, giving you the ability to expel your egg when desired.

Using your yoni egg

Once you’ve picked your choice of size, drilled or otherwise, as well as crystal, then it’s time to start using your yoni egg. 

The same way crystals emit vibrational frequencies, they also hold and absorb them, so it crucial to always energetically cleanse your egg to avoid unwanted energy lingering within. It is just as important to fill your egg with renewed and loving energy by setting an intention prior to each practice. 

Check out our video guide on how to prepare your yoni egg prior to use. 

Once you have sterilized your yoni egg with a mild soap, insert your yoni egg with the larger end going in first. It’s as easy as inserting a tampon with no applicator. 

While inside, your yoni egg can be used for sex, exercises, meditation, and yoni breathing. Some women use it while sleeping while others insert it and go about their day. There is really no right or wrong way of using your yoni egg since we are all unique and so are our needs. 

If you are a beginner using your yoni egg actively to exercise, 10-15 minutes a day should be sufficient in order to avoid straining your vaginal muscles. If you choose to sleep with it, remove it during the day. Allowing your muscles to rest is just as important part of the practice. 

To remove it, sit in a squat position and push it out with your vaginal muscles. You may also use your finger to scoop it out or jump a bit up and down. Drilled yoni eggs with strings can just be gently pulled out with the string. 

Keep in mind that your vaginal canal is a closed system and your egg can only go as far as your cervix, so it will never get stuck inside of you. Yoni eggs are made from healing crystals and I may sometime choose to remain inside of you until their work is done. 

Trust the journey! 

It is a sweet and enjoyable experience and you can start enjoying intense fun and strong emotional transformation.

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