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Simply defined as ‘vaginal crystal weights’ - Yoni Eggs are hand carved crystals, shaped in the form of an egg to be used by women inside their Yoni (sacred space/vagina) to support pelvic floor strength and vitality. 

Daily practice of Yoni Eggs helps women:

  • Helps build the ability to have control of your vaginal muscles
  • Augmented blood flow & circulation helps with vaginal dryness by increased lubrication
  • Experience enhanced sexual pleasure & vaginal orgasms
  • Stronger pelvic floor & vaginal muscles
  • Naturally stimulates your hormones encouraging their production
  • Recovery after childbirth and imbeds vaginal birthing awareness
  • Cure UTI, PMS related symptoms & vaginal diseases
  • Increase fertility
  • Prevents pelvic floor prolapse

Available in 3 different sizes, it is recommended to start with the larger and work your way down to a smaller size. The large the size of the egg, the easier it is to feel and hold.

Drilled option allows you to thread a cord through the egg in order to pull and remove just as you would with a tampon.

Care Instructions

We recommend sterilizing your intimate gem prior and after each use with a mild soap. Should you desire a deeper sterilization, apply 1-2 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil or apple cider vinegar into a bowl with water and let your intimate gem sit for a few minutes. Rinse clean with fresh water, pat dry with a clean towel and store it in a secure place. Your intimate gem can be kept in a lingerie drawer, bedside table, treasure box or altar. Hand wash only!

  • Available sizes: Large, Medium, Small
  • Drilled and Non-Drilled options available in all sizes
  • Made out of 100% natural GIA certified Amethyst
  • Free of dyes and chemicals
  • Digital Instructions Manual included with purchase


Large: 2.5" L / Circumference: 4.75" (widest end)

Medium: 2" L / Circumference: 3.75" (widest end)

Small: 1.75" L / Circumference: 3" (widest end)


The Tranquilizer

  • Balances Third Eye and Crown Charka
  • Stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions
  • Supports sobriety and has a sobering effect on overindulgence
  • Inhibits intoxication
  • Bonds our spiritual and sexual essence together
  • Promotes calmness, restful sleep & mental quietude
  • Beneficial for the intestines by regulating flora, removing parasites and encouraging re-absorption of water
  • Eases headaches and releases tension
  • Appeases any doubts, fears, guilt or shame about sex
  • Boots production of hormones
  • Tunes the endocrine system and metabolism
  • Overcomes addiction and blockages of all kinds
  • Enhances cognitive perception and development of intuitive and psychic abilities
  • Comforts grief
  • Purifies mind and clears negative thoughts
  • Facilitates intuition and communication
  • Great stone for meditation