Yoni Egg Sensual Movement Experience - Private & Group
Yoni Egg Sensual Movement Experience for WOMEN

Yoni Egg Sensual Movement Experience - Private & Group

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In-Person Yoni Egg Workshop in MIAMI FL

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If you have a Yoni Egg and don't know how to use it or have heard of them and are curious, this workshop is for you!!

The focus of this workshop is for women who want to learn how to create a personal yoni egg practice or ritual to be explored at their own pace.

Regular Yoni Egg practice helps maintain pelvic floor health, increasing vitality and sensations in your entire vulva nerve network. Increasing blood circulation in the area helps overcome vaginal dryness, augmenting your libido and lubrication. Helps tone and prevent pelvic floor prolapse, regulates the nervous system, postpartum imbalances while also building a foundational relationship with yourself, sexually.

Like learning how to play a new instrument, one first must master reading the musical notes, to then compose a melody. The Yoni Egg practice is similar to this. You first need to establish a daily practice/ritual and as you deepen your practice, you deepen the mind-yoni connection.

Regular Yoni Egg practice helps you tap into your body's innate intuition, allowing you to be more receptive to hear what your body is telling you, leading you to make choices from your center while empowering you to have more confidence and easiness in navigating through life.

In this workshop you will learn/experience:

  • Brief history of the Yoni Eggs & the many practices you can incorporate
  • How to care for your Yoni Egg and prepare it for use
  • Connecting with the energy of your Yoni Egg
  • Setting an intention for your practice
  • Breathwork Exercises to awaken the Yoni
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • Hip and Heart Opening Exercises
  • Erotic Meditation


 Private Experience $179.00 // Group of 5-10ppl  $111.00 per person

Yoni Egg not included*