The Glass Pleasure Wand Wave - Glass Massage Wand
 Glass Pleasure Wand Wave
 Glass Pleasure Wand Wave


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Introducing the Cervix Wave, a versatile glass Yoni Wand designed to provide deep cervical penetration and G-spot stimulation. Crafted with precision and following the natural curvature of the vagina, this extra-long wand features a gentle S-bend that hits all the right spots.

The Cervix Wave is carefully designed with a length of approximately 9.8in (25cm), providing access to the cervix while maintaining a comfortable grip for external maneuvering.

The Cervix Wave boasts a bulbous head for enticing G-spot stimulation and a finer point for vaginal de-armoring. It's a bestseller for those seeking both G-Spot and cervical self-massage experiences. By incorporating regular targeted massage, you can unlock the full potential of your cervix, leading to euphoric, full-bodied orgasms and deep internal pleasure.

However, this wand is not only about pleasure but also about addressing common concerns. If you experience vaginal pain, tension, or numbness during sex or self-pleasure, the Cervix Wave can be an invaluable tool. By practicing gentle de-armoring techniques, you can release and soften knots of tension and numbness within the vagina, enhancing your overall pleasure and orgasmic potential.

To ensure a safe and effective de-armoring practice, it's essential to use a glass pleasure wand. Glass provides firmness and stability, allowing for precise pressure application to release tension.

Experience the transformative power of the Cervix Wave a dedicated tool for internal de-armoring, vaginal self-massage, and the release of pelvic tension. Unlock the pleasure and healing potential within you with this extraordinary glass wand.

Care Instructions

We recommend sterilizing your intimate gem with a mild soap before and after each use. Should you desire deeper sterilization, apply 1–2 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil or apple cider vinegar into a bowl with water and let your intimate gem sit for a few minutes. Rinse clean with fresh water, pat dry with a clean towel and store it securely. Your intimate gem can be kept in a lingerie drawer, bedside table, treasure box, or altar. Hand wash only! 



  • Available in one size only
  • Made out of 100% pure borosilicate glass
  • Free of dyes and chemicals
  • Not battery operated
  • Digital Instructions Manual included with purchase


Weight & Measurements:

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Length: 9.8in
  • Bulbous End Circumference: 1.18in
  • Thinner End Circumference: .78in