Meet the Founder Nathalia Gilek

Hi, thank you so much for your being here and showing an interest in Yoni Wanderland.

It is a pleasure to offer you prestige tools to reconnect you to your feminine essence and sensual body. So, whether you are just passing by or if you are already a part of the tribe, please know that I appreciate you so much.
This company is my baby, my truest love and my most conscious creation so it is an honor to share it with you and hopefully, impact you in a positive way!
These precious intimate tools completely changed my life and awakened me to a deeper exploration of myself, my sexuality and life in general and, although surrounded by so many women my whole life, I felt lonely in my journey of sexual healing and exploration. The women around me were not interested in “doing the work” and therefore did not relate to the practice. 
There was a strong need of a community, a tribe. A strong need to share my experiences and be around women who were ready to dive deeper into themselves. Women who were not afraid to ask questions and that were ready to break the paradigms that have stopped them from connecting with their feminine essence and eros.
I founded Yoni Wanderland to create my own tribe. I understood it to be my life’s mission and purpose to plant the seed and spread the consciousness in the importance of establishing and maintaining a vigorous relationship with our Yoni, as well as with our sexuality and erotic nature.
It is my passion to teach workshops and immersion experiences where sexuality is celebrated and explored.
I trust that life brought you here for a purpose, so welcome.
It is my absolute pleasure to guide you along the way!
Infinite Love & Gratitude


Founder of Yoni Wanderland, Certified Holistic Sexuality Practitioner, Yoni Egg Facilitator, Erotic & Sensual Empowerment Coach