VENUS IN WANDERLAND - September 20, 2021 - Pisces Full Moon / Venus in

VENUS IN WANDERLAND - September 20, 2021 - Pisces Full Moon / Venus in Libra


September 20, 2021 - Pisces Full Moon / Venus in Libra

- Sideral Astrology - 

This full moon will be in the early degrees of Pisces, Sidereal, and carry the depth and emotion of catharsis, wisdom, and reward for good deeds.  Deep feelings that will slowly make their way up and through by the full moon will trigger expressions accompanied with tears.  The completion of a full year’s cycle purifies us and brings us closer to love, compassion, and happiness especially where there’s been any falling out of trust over misunderstandings.  Communication within significant relationships is so important right now and the second half of September brings the opportunity to release negative emotions caused by external factors and be happy again. The serpent is an auspicious symbol of wisdom, and it reveals poisons and pleasures associated with problematic situations so we may deal with them and transcend.  Most certainly, a deep cathartic moon however, followed by a bright rebirth that will be totally worth it.

Venus will still be in Libra and her position helps us to focus clearly and astutely on our goals.  Where there’s deep love and connection, this transit will be beneficial and reveal true love, devotion, and support from partners. There’s a natural cutting away of blockages and superficial engagements to achieve balance and success. If you’re single, this may be a period of solitude, reflection, and action towards your happiness.  You’ll find it easier to be bold and seek to fulfill your own pleasures and desires.  Those in relationships will benefit from a heart-to-heart talk about what’s deeply affecting you and your partner so that it can be cleared, and balance can be restored before moving into a new moon cycle next month.  An overlap of deep sensuality exists with this opportunity to connect and reconnect, making one seek fulfillment of naughtier desires and fetishes that includes toys like anal beads, whips, and straps.  Exploring love in this way after a sense of balance within yourself and your relationship has been restored will be a pleasing release of built of sexual energy and tension.

Two great aiding stones for this time is Blue Aventurine and Rose Quartz.

Overall, the end of September brings cathartic changes, love, and luck followed by a much brighter time with promising abundant beginnings. 

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