VENUS IN WANDERLAND, Aries Full Moon, October 20, 2021

VENUS IN WANDERLAND, Aries Full Moon, October 20, 2021

Aries Full Moon, October 20, 2021, Sidereal Astrology

Full moons are predominately illuminating and bring healing through its revealing energies.  Landing in the sign of Aries, this moon phase reveals personal aspects that may need to be sacrificed so we can make headway towards our soul’s higher calling. Intense and seemingly complicated emotions about the most important relationships in our lives will surface if they have not already and will require our attention.  We can find ourselves realizing how deep hurts from the past are affecting our ability to fully love and be loved in the present which in a way gives us the perfect opportunity to accept this and release the hold these old experiences have on us, so we can breathe the fresh air and see things from a lighter and less defensive point of view. Black Obsidian helps clear away negative emotions that have been stored in our womb and connects us with our shadows. Bringing them to light is extremely beneficial to release these old experiences, making space for new, fresh, loving energy to flow in. It’s a very personal full moon so activities like meditation or partaking in creative activities or hobbies from our childhood, like playing an old instrument, are likely to bring an incredible amount of healing and lots of new ideas if we take the initiative to do them.  The other aspect of this moon is the ability for it to entice the selfish lower aspect of ourselves that vibrates at a lower frequency than the soul and can deviate our spiritual path through momentary passions and sensual impulses that may lead to indecent proposals or relationships.  It’s suggested we make decisions and choose what we feel is right for us.

Within love and relationships, Venus prompts deep emotional and sexual bonds and transformations.  The financial aspect of this phase is future oriented.  Working towards a plan and securing a future is an important part during this time and having open minded conversations about this within partnerships brings excitement to joint ventures.  Meanwhile, finding answers to questions through sensuality is catalytic as she brings an intense, powerful, and erotic element through intimate expressions of love. Sexual exploration is high, and this can be experienced in healthy ways if we find ourselves enveloped in safe and trustworthy partnerships.  The door to intimacy is wide open during this phase and a sense of adventure in love is restored in those who have been enjoying their romantic relationships or have recently reconciled.  Those who are single can enjoy exploring uncharted territory but there’s advice to proceed with some caution within new or unknown connections.  Facial expression and body language become seductive and looks can kill or bring the dead back to life as alluring gazes and gestures come natural through ignited passion.  It’s a time to fully enjoy all the delicious aspects of sexuality but to do so safely, soulfully, and discretely.

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