Goddess Lives in Your Body Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Venus in Wanderland: Goddess Lives in Your Body - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

As we come down from a season full of thin veils, honoring the dark goddess, and communing with our ancestors, Venus gears up for a next couple of weeks full of astrological cosmic activity.
She's been the queen of the year, dictating who gets to stay and who gets to go in our lives. If you find yourself in relatively high spirits at this time, know that you have been doing the inner work of cleaning up your inner and outer circle. If, on the contrary, if you find yourself struggling to regulate your emotions, then taking a closer look at how you've been relating to yourself and others and being honest about your authentic desires, is going to be the medicine you'll need to survive what's left of Eclipse season.
On November 8, we receive the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. A heavily Venus-centered eclipse, brings with it the opportunity to continue embodying our transformational journey from the inside out and in our partnerships and relationships.
Scorpio season reveals all that is hidden. Full moons illuminate truth. Long story short: you can't hide. So step into your authentic Truth. Allow yourself to be seen in your relationships and partnerships. Express what you want, how you want it. Invite sensual pleasure of slow and steady movement. Take a moment to take in and appreciate the beauty of simply being and existing.
Because Venus will be directly talking to many planets in the next two weeks, I invite you to follow the below horoscopic guideline to navigating the medicine she'll bring:
This weekend, Venus brings us unexpected change and news involving someone or that which we love. This can also show up as an external occurrence that triggers an internal change or inner relational shift. This news will trigger your desire to run away from the situation and desire to not confront it. Lean on your friends and community for support and remember this situation is asking you to clear a karmic contract. Once the full moon arrives, you'll begin to gain clarity as to why this situation occurred and soon thereafter an auspicious and divine experience (inner or outer) or download/message will come through. Resist the urge during this time to fall back into temptation and repeat the pattern that gave rise to that situation in the first place. You will then be faced with an opportunity to activate and confront the situation head on, by realizing the deeper subconscious roots of it, but it will take you taking yourself on a self-guided journey into the underworld. Deep meditation, immersion into an embodiment practice, psychedelic journeying, will support you in this process. And then, after about two weeks, after all is said and done, you'll get to experience the juiciness of a new opportunity, an auspicious blessing, coming to you as a result of having expanded into all this developmental growth work.
The Full Moon is a result of the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus. Thus, the astrological energies involved are of both Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio is connected to the genitals, reproductive organs, and large intestine in our bodies.  Taurus rules the ears, neck, nose, and throat. The cosmic key here lies in embracing sensuality (Taurus) over sexuality (Scorpio). How slow can you go to experience even deeper states of orgasmic pleasure?
The suggested crystals to work with focus on continuing your inner transformational journey of revealing deeper truths to yourself about yourself and your traumas (Scorpio - obsidian), as you ground and center deeper in the wisdom of your body (Taurus - jade).
Suggested crystals to work with:
  • Obsidian: Absorbs & expels negative energy. Releases sexual traumas & emotional blockages stored in the body. Emanates protection & security. Cleanses body, mind & soul. Works very quickly.
  • Jade: Powerful physical healer, strengthens & soothes the nervous system bringing emotional balance, stability & well-being. Connection with kidneys, boosts sexual chi and empowers orgasmic energy.
The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. Where appropriate, create a sacred space in your playroom by lighting candles, burning incense, setting up an altar with your yoni wands and yoni eggs, & playing devotional music.
Full Moon Bury Ritual: For a twist on a burn ritual which is always very powerful around full moons, try working with the earth to release the stagnant old energies. Full moons, especially when they're lunar eclipses, are the time to release all that isn't serving you, to release what you're attached to. Eclipses amplify this energy by both showing you even more potently the toxic patterns, as well as creating a much bigger & more long-lasting impact on the manifestations as a result of the release of what you're holding onto.
If possible, create a sacred altar space outdoors. Preferably directly on the earth, but if not possible, any outdoor space will do. If you don't have access to the outdoors in your home, then make a house plant your altar space and place it near a window. Make sure the element of water is also present. You can bring in holy or sacred waters in a chalice or other container and place it on the altar. Bring in any and all of your yoni eggs and wands into the altar.
On the full moon, sit in front of your altar. Invoke your guides and any other deities or ancestors you work with. Calling in love and protection and a ceremony for the Highest Good. Light a candle, burn some incense/sage/resins, and begin a journaling practice, focusing on some of the following prompts:
  • What are you ready to release?
  • What makes you feel uncomfortable in your body? What is this discomfort trying to teach you?
  • How can you invoke more peace and stillness in your life?
  • How can you connect deeper to your body?
  • What do you wish for Gaia to support you in cleansing and releasing?
  • What toxic behavior and patterns do you wish to no longer engage with in your relationships (to Self and others)?
  • How do you hide in your life? What are you hiding from?
Allow this process to naturally unfold and flow. Once complete with the journaling process, grab your obsidian or jade (or both!) yoni eggs in your left hand and read out loud what you just journaled. Speak into your egg what you are finally ready to release. Then place the egg(s) on your right hand and as you do so, speak the following words:
"I choose for this release to manifest with unconditional love in my body."
Once the egg(s) is/are in your right hand, bury them into the ground (or your house plant) with your right hand, using your left hand to dig a hole. Bury the egg(s) far enough so that it is fully immersed in the earth. Close the ritual as you wish, incorporating anything else you feel called to incorporate or closing it with the burial.
For the remainder of the lunar cycle (about two weeks), leave your egg(s) buried. Bring awareness to your intentions every time you walk past this altar, knowing that your manifestations and release is brewing in the earth, being alchemized and transmuted by Her.
Unearth your egg(s) on the following new moon (happening in Sagittarius!) programming it then with your new moon intentions so that you can wear your egg during the following lunar cycle.
Sensory Invocation: Taurus LOVES to FEEL GOOD! For this ritual, gather as many different types of sensory tools to play with to invoke all the senses (touch, taste, hearing, scent, sight). Think: ice, feathers, whips, chains, wooden spatulas, flogger, massage oil, whipped cream, sweet fruits, juicy fruits, enticing music, etc. Create a visually captivating environment (or bring in the blindfolds!). Create a play session where you and your partner (or you alone!) use all these various different tools on each others' bodies. Resist the temptation to make this anything more than a sensory experience with these tools, meaning, no sex! Give yourself the opportunity to fully immerse in only the physical experience of dropping into the fullest sensorial experience in your body!
Outdoor Play: Taurus is the energy that connects us to Mother Nature. Taurus is the physical experience and Gaia is the mother of our physical experience. Our most powerful connection to our bodies happens when we're connecting to her as well. This ritual involves taking your bedroom to the outdoors. If you've never experienced orgasmic pleasure in nature, then this invitation is a necessary one for your alley. Go on an adventurous hike, find a secluded nature spot, and  get down with your partner or yourself. Invite sensual play, whether it leads to orgasms, connect your sensuality to mama Gaia to connect deeper to your innate universal wisdom that lives in your body. Practice making love to Her as you make love to you.
Vanessa Kristina
Astrologer and Writer
Vanessa Kristina, founder of Mystik Monark, helps Mystik Misfits to uncover their Divine Purpose and shine light on their shadows through a no-BS spiritual counseling approach. Mystik Monark's mission is to connect Society to Divinity, one soul at a time.
As an Evolutionary Astrologer & Akashic Records Practitioner, Vanessa guides clients out of the existential spiritual closet and through dark nights of the soul so that they can unlock authentic expression and create their dream lives to experience the freedom, joy, and abundance of their soul-selves, through her signature Inner Mystik Mastery program. As a former corporate attorney, she integrates pragmatic actionable guidance with esoteric wisdom, inspiring a deep inner standing of who we are and who we came here to be.

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