How to Pick the Right Yoni Wand for You

How to Pick the Right Yoni Wand for You

Yoni wands are getting all of the attention recently and for good reasons.

These wands are made from crystals or gemstones and they very well guarantee exceptional self-pleasure and sexual healing from within.

They are a whole lot different from your conventional vibrators and other sex toys that offer just quick-fix clitoral orgasms. These promise a brand new sexual experience with deeper vaginal orgasms to simply get your rocks off!

You probably have fallen in love with this already.

It’s that easy for most people who just can’t enough of the erotic pleasure, thrill, and satisfaction that comes with yoni wands. The only problem however, is choosing the right wand for you since you’ve got a whole lot of options on your hands.

Below are some of the different yoni wands designs and their characteristic properties so you can easily choose the one that suits you best.

Picking your wand based on crystal properties

While you can just add a vibrator to your cart and proceed to check out, choosing a wand is very much different. For most people doing this for the first time, the process is no doubt a somewhat spiritual one.

Your choice and decision will go far beyond the particular color that matches your bedspread. Your choice wand, based on the crystal properties will be based on your physical and emotional needs and so this decision is an individual one.

Rose Quartz wands are quite popular. They are synonymous with unconditional love, self-love, peace, forgiveness, and compassion. Black Obsidian is however, all about ridding the body of trapped negative energies and traumas.

Nephrite Jade is popular for its vitality enhancement, heart healing, emotional balance, and sexual energy properties. The Green Aventurine is known to bring overall wellbeing and emotional calm as well as stimulating sexual desires and openness as an aphrodisiac, among other properties.

Other crystal types include Amethyst, the tranquilizer, Bloodstone, the promoter of good health, Blue Quartz, known as the communicator, Fire Quartz, the heart communicator, Red Jasper, the action taker, and Clear Quartz, the master healer. All of these crystals have properties that range from sexual to physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Picking your wand based on designs

Yoni wand designs also offer characteristic properties and advantages as well.

These can also influence your choice as these often mean there are subtle differences in what the resulting experience may feel like.

Popular designs include the straight wands, twist wands, slide wands, curved wands, and the G-Spot, among others.

The straight wands are designed to penetrate deep into over-tired vaginal tissues and muscles to open you up, release tension, and make the individual more orgasmic and receptive to touch.

Twist wands are designed for sensual stimulation of the external areas of the vagina, causing wave-like friction, stirring up sexual pleasure, and adding a twist to your orgasmic bliss.

Slide wands are super comfortable. They can be used for deep internal massage to release tension and remove emotional blockages in the same way they can also be used to unleash the erotic triggers in your G-Spot.

And then we have the curved wands and the G-Spot wands. The curved wands are designed with a great emphasis on ergonomics. They are great for massaging pleasure points for what is known as “erotic reflexology.”

The G-Spot wand, as well, is designed and aimed at intensifying the sensations on your G-Spot to catapult you into an erotic state that will easily get your toes to curl.

You’ve got a world of choice and different opportunities to explore before you.

With the above information, it shouldn’t be hard to set your crystal ball rolling to tap into the deep physical and emotional benefits yoni wands. The choice is all yours to take your sexual experience to the next level. With the right crystal, you can just continue to rock on!

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