Venus in Wanderland - January 2021

Venus in Wanderland - January 2021

Hello Beautiful!
Happy New Year!

Today is a very special day. Not only because it is the first day of the year, but also because we launch our first edition of Venus in Wanderland.

Venus in Wanderland is a ‘love-scope’ focusing on Venus - the planet of love, pleasure, and values, including your relationship with finances and material possessions.

Venus represents love and money and we can’t wait to share it’s bountiful resources with you this new year. We will include crystals that you can use in your self-pleasure practices to enhance your connection with this sexy planet.
So sit back, relax, and let us take you to Venus!
January 2021: “Higher Love”
In January, Venus transits through the later degrees of Scorpio and all Sagittarius, ending the month strong in Capricorn. 2021 begins with a week full of deep desires, sensual arousement, and creative expression that transforms relationships by deepening the emotional bonds of intimacy just before a departure of our loved one takes place. The need to deeply connect with others through creative sensual activities will be strong and an important precursor to the middle and end of the month, as there’ll be travel or an unavoidable separation in relationships that can be challenging for a short period of time.

Despite this temporary separation or at least the sensation of it, there’ll be plenty of fiery love to share from afar as the connection between the feminine and masculine becomes supremely harmonious and passionate. Venus has strong persuasive power during the first week of January and a love bite can prove to initiate a new phase of intimacy. Later, one or both are likely to be emersed in work or enjoying the process of learning something new while traveling.

There’s a light and social energy available to us throughout most of January that opens our hearts, relieving the burden of deeper more intimate feelings we experienced at the month’s beginning and a sexy teasing energy comes into play that brings a fun twist between lovers. Those who are in established relationships can use this time to expand outdated boundaries that are creating blockages in love by using social interactions as an inspiration to reshape our values in love, possibly changing the direction of relationships. Those who are dating or single find fulfillment within social settings laced with work and pleasure.

This is a good time to be opportunistic about connections as they prove to inspire freedom and a light-hearted energy conducive to exploration, flirty conversation, and fun.
Towards the middle of the month, a realization of higher love that liberates us takes place within relationships. Mars’s transit through Aries fortifies us with robust confidence, joy, and passionate drive to improve and establish strong foundations for ourselves and partners. If in separation from your partner, this is a time to keep the lines of sensual communication open through flirtatious conversation and the Slide Serene is great for enhancing communication.

The heaviness of work and financial obligations take center stage towards the late half of the month and can become burdensome without playfulness and tender love and care. Some nice self-care routines like salt and rose baths or body and breast massage using The Petal can help balance personal needs with the demands of the outside world.

The month ends with a new-found pleasure in our work and a powerful transformation in our relationships around topics of security and financial stability that require us to face our practical needs. Taking the time to express affection and compassion softens the hardness of the external pressures we’ll likely experience then and help make a very special and personal victory in store for us towards the second half of January a little sweeter.

Underlying emotional needs for spiritually fulfilling intimacy lace our experiences throughout the month of January. Opening the doors to secret pleasures sets the tone at the beginning of the month and foods that help us open our heart and root chakras are fish, sea food, root vegetables, nuts and seeds, and red foods like tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, watermelon, chocolate, and honey. These foods raise our energy up to the heart and nourish the blood.
The ruling color for January is red. All shades of reds are beneficial at this time but especially blood red. Wearing deep red activate the root chakra and keep us in touch with our passionate nature. Red lipstick during this period is suggestive of sexual passionate desire and exudes the energy of love and sensuality.

The Cherry Twist balances the root chakra and restores passion and libido.

Other colors good for this period are black, blue, gold and dark green. All connecting to the nature of blood in our body and the rooting energy of the kidneys and reproductive organs.

A perfect stone for this is the Jade Yoni Egg as it is dark green and also connection with kidney boots sexual chi energy. Other crystals that open the heart, bring healing, clarity, and protection from negative energies in January are Smoky Quartz & Malachite or crystals red, black and green in color.
With love,
Dr. V
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Astrologer, & Writer offering guidance through consultation.

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